Cloud Defensive REIN Legacy Light Body Kit - Black

Cloud Defensive
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Do you want to run your existing Surefire ™ tail caps and Surefire or Unity Tactical ™ remote switches with the REIN 3.0? If so, that moment has arrived! The new REIN Legacy light body accepts Surefire ™ tail caps and ALL the existing and corresponding remote switches on the market that work with it.

This kit includes a REIN 3.0 head.


Specs (w/ REIN 3.0 head):

  • Candela: 90,000 peak beam intensity (w/ 18650)
  • Lumens: 1100 Lumens (w/ 18650)
  • Runtime: 65 minutes (w/ 18650)
  • Duel-Fuel capability


Remote Switch Compatibility: