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The Gun Tool AMP® – AR15 is a next-gen, gun-specific multi-tool system designed to clean carbon from critical surfaces to keep bolts cycling smoothly. This transformative design combines a multi-tool, bit driver and holster in one carry kit. The patented, quick-deploy holster carries the multi-tool, stores the bits and features a fold-out locking driver. The stainless-steel tools are easy to access and lock in place.

The Gun Tool AMP – AR15 is a 27-in-1 multi-tool for the AR15 platform, making it the perfect gunsmithing tool for everyday carry or a fully-functional set for your range bag or workbench. The specialized carbon scrapers are designed for every bolt carrier group (BCG) surface. Additionally, it

includes a takedown punch, bolt override, firing pin retaining pin puller, carrier scraper, firing pin scraper, tap hammer and a 2.6″ Tanto blade.

The Gun Tool AMP is the first-of-its-kind multi-tool and holster combo packed with mission-critical capability. Unlike any other multi-tool on the market, the AMP is a transformer-like tool kit. Its signature feature is a dual-function carry holster that not only holds a bit set and a folding frame multi-tool but also transforms into a locking bit driver. The tool frame is designed and built for rugged use and loaded with liner-locking tools specific to the AR15 platform it serves.

The innovative holster replaces the need for a sheath and adds an entirely new level of capability without adding unnecessary bulk. The AMP’s compact but beefy design packs a multi-tool and bit set into a secure quick-deploy holster that features a locking fold-out magnetic bit driver. The innovative holster allows you to easily store and deploy it from a belt, molle strap, or range bag, keeping the tools you need conveniently close at hand.

Real Avid, the inventor of the original Gun Tool™, designed the Gun Tool AMP as the next tool in the evolution of multi-tools for guns. The compact and rugged design maximizes every component of its construction, not only for functional capability but also for storage elements. Every component of the Gun Tool AMP is a functional tool.

The Gun Tool AMP – AR15 is an innovative, gun-specific multi-tool system that combines a multi-tool, bit driver and holster in one carry kit. The transformative design includes specialized carbon scrapers for every BCG surface, a full array of common AR15-related bits and implements, and a fold-out driver to make on-the-fly adjustments and fixes a snap. Keep your AR15 up and running in the field or at the range with the Gun Tool AMP – AR15.