Real Avid Bore Max Jag - .22/.223 cal

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Bore-Max Speed Jag and Patches are components of the Bore-Max Speed Clean System for faster and easier bore cleaning. Within the bore, carbon and copper fouling build-up in layers over time and cumulatively have a significant impact on a firearm’s performance if left unchecked. The carbon build-up essentially insulates the copper fouling from the outside in. Carbon layers need to be removed mechanically with a bore brush in order to fully expose the copper layers beneath. Alternately, copper must be chemically dissolved in order to remove it from the bore, as a brush is ineffective at breaking loose these heat-melded deposits. Sized to account precisely for both the jag diameter and patch thickness, this Speed Jag and Patch combo provides the optimal compression to thoroughly and consistently reach into the lands and grooves. Tight enough to provide superior compression within the bore while still remaining relatively easy to push through. The Speed Jag and Patch system gets more patch material in the bore, eliminates bunching and maximizes the effectiveness of each pass-through. Speed Patches are a synthetic material that that has shown to have superior absorbency over cotton. This material is better at absorbing fouling and spent solvent in the bore and is more effective at picking up and trapping crud.