Real Avid Bore Max Brush - .375 cal

Real Avid
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The Real Avid Bore-Max Speed Brush is a component of the Bore-Max Speed Clean System for faster and easier bore cleaning. Carbon build-up not only affects performance and accuracy, but also causes degradation of the bore. Carbon build-up also insulates the copper fouling in the bore making it difficult to dissolve and remove with bore solvent. Using a bore brush to remove this carbon build-up is the best way to tackle the job. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, there needs to be an optimal balance between bristle density and bristle flexibility. Having too few bristles is a waste of time and too many won’t provide enough flexibility to navigate the lands and grooves of the bore. The bristle configuration of the Bore-Max Speed Brush provides maximum scrubbing density removing more carbon with each pass and getting maximum results faster.