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iRayUSA partnered with American Defense Manufacturing to produce the PICTAIL and MQD delivering ADM’s gold standard picatinny mounting solution with an innovative lighter and faster dovetail design for faster helmet transitions.

The PICTAIL mounting system is the combination of a standard dovetail shoe commonly used on helmet mountable night vision optics and the MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rail used on weapons platforms. The synergy of these two mounting formats creates a system that is more accurate and versatile on a rifle while maintaining all dovetail capabilities on a helmet. The PICTAIL is compatible with standard dovetail receptacles used in helmet mounting interface hardware made by Wilcox, KVC, and others.

The counterpart to the dovetail side of the PICTAIL shoe is MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rail specially designed with one slot that interfaces with the ADM MQD mount. The PICTAIL and MQD mount work in tandem to achieve an adjustable footprint on any standard picatinny rail. In standalone optic mode they produce over 4.5 inches of rear offset, and when reversed for use in clip-on mode the MQD and PICTAIL shrink the rear offset to just 1.5 inches. In clip-on mode the required forward rail space is just 4 rail slots in front of a day optic making the PICTAIL and MQD the perfect combination for shorter platforms like SBRs and pistols.


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    Bite down hard on the belt......

    Posted by Hans on May 15th 2023

    You're here because you're thinking about getting this and the pictail to take your iray to the next level. You've tried to make the factory stuff work, and you're already partially convinced that you could make it work but there might be something better. Well you can stop looking and wondering this is definitely it. Although its a violation of the Geneva conventions that these were not included with your original purchase there's nothing you can do about it now, this is Bosnia in the 90s, later generations might condemn the actors but for now it's your job to clean up the bodies. I feel like I'm getting off track. This is a good product very intuitive, easy to use, and makes using your Iray a much more pleasant experience. Grayman has great customer service, you won't be sorry.