Cloud Defensive MCH - Micro - High Candela

Cloud Defensive
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The MCH started with a simple goal: create the highest-quality and most modular handheld light ever produced. In order to accomplish this goal, the system needed to be adjustable at both the light head and the tail cap. With that, The Mission Configurable Handheld (MCH) was born.

MCH-HC is a specialty option for those who need a High-Candela tool.  MCH-HC dominates when you need to throw light a long distance. While giving the user useable spill, it is a substantially different beam pattern compared to the MCH-EDC. The MCH-HC is the choice if you need to defeat photonics barriers such as tough physical environments or things like windows tint, street lights or transient lighting conditions. Most will find it too intense for admin functionality in very enclosed spaces.

All the MCH light heads are fully interchangeable at any time. 



  • Candela: 71,000
  • Lumens: 1100 Lumens
  • Runtime: 150 minutes
  • Length: 4"
  • Weight: 5.27oz (includes battery)


Package Contents:

  • Mission Configurable Handheld - Micro
  • UI2 Charger
  • 1 Battery
  • 3 ND Protectors
  • Thyrm LPC**Note: The Thyrm Switchback is NOT Included with the light**