Posted by Nicholas Laurenti on Feb 10th 2021

Knife Review : Finch Knife Co. HOLLIDAY

Aptly named after the famed “Doc” Holliday, the Finch Knife HOLLIDAY shows off a sleek “Wild West” styling fit for a gentleman of the time. The option of dark denim micarta, snakewood, or smooth ox bone inlays perfectly seated in brushed satin steel bolsters, provide a timeless and classic look. Add on the wharncliffe blade and smooth flipper action and this knife is a fun slicer ready for work, or for a gentleman’s carry while you’re out enjoying your favorite bourbon.

Finch HOLLIDAY Unboxing

First Impressions

Opening the Finch box reveals a few goodies for the new Finch owner – a Finch warranty card, a “flipping the finch” sticker, a band-aid, and a special “the HOLLIDAY” sticker. After placing the goodies to the side, we see the HOLLIDAY nicely tucked in a hard foam cutout, showcasing the beautiful dark denim micarta handles of our demo model. Once in hand, the knife is surprisingly weighty for the size. Although only weighing 3.5oz, the HOLLIDAY feels solid and gives confidence that it will hold up to hard wear. The fit and finish are very smooth, with the inlays meeting the brushed steel bolsters as though they were constructed from a single piece of material.

With a solid flick of the rear flipper tab, the wharncliffe blade smoothly deploys and locks in place thanks to the solid lock-up of the liner lock. The 3.15” 154CM blade is as sharp as you might expect from a knife accompanied by a free band-aid, providing hair shaving sharpness out of the box. Initially, the knife does not drop shut, but after a few rounds of opening and shutting the knife, the HOLLIDAY gets pretty close to having that drop shut action you see on much pricier knives on the market. I quickly realize that the HOLLIDAY is a really enjoyable flipper, one that is easy to become addicted to fidgeting with.

The HOLLIDAY is aesthetically pleasing, has a high fidget factor, and is equipped with a solid blade steel meant to put in work

Finch Knife HOLLIDAY Post Cutting

Putting the HOLLIDAY to work

After about a week of daily carry, using the HOLLIDAY on small tasks like opening boxes and mail, it was time to take care of the collection of boxes piling up by the recycle bin. As one might expect, the HOLLIDAY made quick work of the early boxes, gliding through cardboard like butter. In fact, the edge retained this smooth cutting action to around 320 or so cuts before I noticed the cardboard starting to roll. Although, to be fair, this could have been due to the thicker cardboard I was cutting at the time because the HOLLIDAY was able to continue slicing cardboard well past this point. In total, the HOLLIDAY made 954 cuts before all the boxes were cut up and disposed, with cutting becoming noticeably more challenging around cut 892.

From a cutting perspective, the HOLLIDAY can more than hold its weight. At least when breaking down cardboard boxes, which, for my purposes, is generally what I tend to use my knives for anyway. From an ergonomcs perspective however, the task ended up being more of a chore than I had anticipated. The rectangular faces of the handle definitely ate away at my hand more than I was used to, but it was able to get the job done.

Finch Knife Co HOLLIDAY Disassembly


After the extended cutting session, it was time to disassemble the HOLLIDAY and revive the edge. Surprisingly, the construction of the HOLLIDAY has a simple elegance to it. To disassemble the HOLLIDAY, there are only 4 screws that need to be removed – 2 T6 screws that hold the pocket clip, 1 T6 screw on the show side, and the T8 pivot screw. Once these 4 screws are removed the handles can be easily removed. Once removed, we see that the HOLLIDAY’s wharncliffe blade rides on two ball bearing washers that give the Finch that smooth action we mentioned earlier.

Once disassembled, I went ahead and threw the blade on my KME guided sharpening system to begin the sharpening process. Using the factory edge to set my angle, I was able to restore the HOLLIDAY to a hair popping sharpness. All in all, between disassembly, sharpening an reassembly, the whole process was quite painless and straightforward, which I very much appreciated.

Wrap up

Overall, I love the Finch HOLLIDAY. With the 154CM blade you will be able to tackle the tough tasks that you might face. The smooth flipper and near drop shut action make this knife very fidgety and addictive to play with. The smooth handles and polished inlays give this knife a classic look that is sure to command attention. The only downside I could find with this knife is the ergonomics, and even then only when used for longer tasks. With that said, this knife is a great addition to any edc rotation, or knife collection. 

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